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... nerver heard that Fish Oil was an aid to loosing weight..... but it's a great supplement to be taking. ... (8 replies)
... Just wondering if any of you have ever tried using fish oil capsules to help with your weight loss..I recently came across an article saying so. I went out and bought a bottle of 1000 mg Fish Oil Capsules but before taking them I wanted to check for a little bit of advice.... ... (8 replies)
... Hi Katie, I've also heard that it can aid in weight loss, so I've been taking them for about a month now, and I have lost some weight--although I've also been eating better, so I'm not sure if it's at all due to the capsules. But I still continue to take them. Also, can I ask which AD it was that made you gain the weight? Whiskers :wave: (8 replies)

... Katie - Did you ever think of looking into SAM-e for de-stress and anti-depression ?????? :) :) :) Look it up on the internet.... (8 replies)
... I was taking paxil for about a year and gained nearly 30 pounds!!! Which caused me even more problems....see, I went on the Antidepressant for severe anxiety, not so much for depression... ... (8 replies)
... e...I have a great doctor and if I mention this to him, he would help me research it even more...he is all about alternative meds...He is great... ... (8 replies)
... I have a Friend who has been on Zoloft for a long time and it's constantly making him drowsy...... ... (8 replies)
... I am actually now taking zoloft...which i know may cause me weight gain as well, but with my anxiety problems and past, we are giving it another try, i also take topamax, which should help to keep the zoloft from creating anymore weight gain.... ... (8 replies)
... Coolness, so like, my pills just arrived. I'm combining Glucorell R with Thermorexin with green tea capsules and a lot of oil capsules (fish oil, etc.), so like should I combine Yohimburn ES with it would that make it even better? Oh wow this Thermorexin I had one a couple of hours ago it really made me nauseous but that's a good thing because simply satisfaction won't keep me... (18 replies)
... zantrex-3 is one of the worst choices, its a low grade fat burner with lots of advertising. Thermorexin and the "old school" Ephedrine (not ephedra) and caffiene stack are two excellent choices. additional supps that enhance metabolism Fish oil (high epa/dha) Green tea extract capsules (egcg content is the most important thing- individual doses should be over 200mg)-... (18 replies)
... You still need a solid foundation of diet and cardio to lose weight. ... (8 replies)
... cinnamon capsules, apple cider vinegar capsules, green tea capsules, chromium capsules, and fish oil capsules for about a month.. then started dieting again, and started losing weight. I truly believe that it was the supplements that I was taking that helped me to lose weight.. ... (7 replies)
... The statationary bikes,sitting seems to hurt my butt if I RIDE IT MORE THAN 20 MINUTES OR SO PLUS I NEVER REALLY SEEN ANY GOOD IN IT FOR WEIGHT LOSS? ... (4 replies)
... I have only lost 5 pounds since I started Alli. I have no gas or other problems. I stay constipated so Alli helps me stay regular. I also avoid most fatty foods. Once a week I may have a fast food meal. Alli does remind you that you can't eat a lot of fat or you get the side effects. I have avoided them so far. (75 replies)
... since january by eating lower fat, counting calories,taking my pill and exercising a bit more.i have never lost weight so easily. i have had no side effects so far but admit i miss a pill if im going to overindulge. ... (75 replies)
... or expensive such as lemongrass, galanga root, Thai fish sauce and Kaffir lime leaves. Most regular grocery stores wouldn't even carry all those items. ... (2 replies)
... I eat 3 fruits in the morning and take the spice pill and 2 green tea capsules. ... (466 replies)

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