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... I would not recommend the Atkins diet! It works for some, but as soon as you start eating carbs again, you will gain the weight back. Atkins also lets you eat fatty meats, which isn't good for your heart. ... (4 replies)
... Yes, if you go back to your "old way of eating" you will gain your weight back...but you would after ANY diet. I agree, you need to make PERMANENT changes in order to lose weight...a lifestyle. ... (11 replies)
Dr atkins diet?
Feb 25, 2001
... lbs in the next 2 weeks and learned to be patient, it doesn't happen overnight.What people don't realize is it takes time. Everyone wants to lose weight FAST , and if they don't they assume it doesn't work... ... (98 replies)

... anything less than about 1200 calories a day starves your body. Your metabolism will actually slow down. Many people even gain weight because your body wants to preserve as many calories it can for it's "starving body. ... (28 replies)
... most of the weight lost in the first week or two on ANY weight loss program is fluid. ... (57 replies)
Aug 17, 2007
... protein phase is to clean the excess carbs out of the body and get it working off fat instead. It's not meant to be done as a long term thing. ... (9 replies)
Aug 13, 2007
... I have been on Atkins twice, once in my twenties and once in my fifties. Both times, the health problems forced me to abandon the program. ... (9 replies)
Low Carb Diet Help
Jan 30, 2006
... The only thing that low carbers agure about in the first place is they lose weight cut cholesterol bloodpresure down feel better and there never hungry.... ... (130 replies)
Weight watchers
May 3, 2006
... I have tried a number if different dieting things, from Atkins to Weight Watchers to medically supervised liquid diets to diet pills. I have honestly lost on all of them, but tended to gain back... ... (5 replies)
... enge you to find any scientific studies showing otherwise. If you adopt the diet as a lifestyle choice as described in his book, you aren't likely to regain the weight that is lost. ... (12 replies)
... low carb do.. it cuts your appetit.. you are really eating very little when you go deep into ketosis. ... (3 replies)
Aug 12, 2004
... If you think looking at carbs is what is needed by you for weight reduction, there are many other low carb plans that allow more carbs than Atkins. ... (1 replies)
Atkins Board
Mar 18, 2004
... loss, most people attempt to reintroduce carbs and return to a healthier eating style, and the weight just PACKS ON, sometimes moreso than before. ... (68 replies)
... After reading about Xenadrine and all the side effects etc I have decided to give it a go but stop it immediately if I have any bad side effects. I am also about to start the Atkins diet. ... (0 replies)
... after the initial water weight you do lose mostly pure fat! ... (20 replies)
Atkins Board #2
Feb 8, 2003
... My husband has joined me in eating the toppings only off the pizza. As long as I have a salad with it, the toppings fill me up. They are sooooo good! ... (64 replies)
... s. Many find that after learning so much about the health benefits and how your body metabolizes the foods you eat and their effect on your system, it's hard to go back to a high carb insulin producing diet. ... (20 replies)
... Atkins will work for weight loss if you wind up eating fewer will NOT if you eat the same. And if you actually eat MORE food than you do now, you will gain. ... (6 replies)
Atkins sucess
Jun 7, 2006
... My weight is slowly coming off now. My tastes have changed too. In the past I bascially ate pasta, salad, chicken, and bread... ... (7 replies)
... procedure that's more like a last hope than an answer to all of your weight loss hopes. And yes, though a lot of people have successfully lost weight after having such a procedure, a lot of people have died after having it. ... (114 replies)

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