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Mar 21, 2006
... I'm following a reasonablly good diet - I've been to nutritionalists, doctors and excercise consultants who all agree. I have a feeling that it's just some 'pre-period' munchies - and I posted on a particularly bad afternoon! (14 replies)
Metabolism Boosts?
Mar 15, 2006
... Could'nt disagree more on this. I've been body building weight lifting since 1985 so experience with myself and all different forms of peoples i've met in the gyms and their experience over all these yrs tells me the above statement is false and secondly Muscle and Fitness, Flex ,Shape ,Muscle Media ,Mens/Womens Fitness, and Mens Health magazines with the worlds top trainers... (24 replies)
Metabolism Boosts?
Mar 15, 2006
... Then that was irresponsible of both of them to give out wrong information. But hey it happens all the time. There are doctors who still tell patients that creatine causes kidney damage. It blows my mind how irresponsible "professionals" can be. Ask them for the referrences they are using to state such claims. If you are interested in the studies that prove cardio's benenfit... (24 replies)

Metabolism Boosts?
Mar 15, 2006
... Love to see a reference in the past 5 years where that has been proven. If you believe that you have been misled, or you don't have a complete understanding of human physiology. There are plenty of studies that evaluate the effects of exercise on metobolic rates. There are studies done on both weight training(which you are right is extremely good) and cardio training. It is... (24 replies)
Metabolism Boosts?
Mar 15, 2006
... I have to disagree there. First, cardio can produce a post-exercise metabolic boost, but only in the case of high intensity cardio and how long the boost lasts depends on the duration of the cardio session. Low intensity cardio will only raise your metabolism during the cardio session, but high intensity will also keep your metabolism elevated for several hours afterward. This... (24 replies)
Metabolism Boosts?
Mar 14, 2006
... Your weight lifting plan is good, however anyone who is trying to really increase their metabolism cardio is a must. Building muscle is a slow process. Yes, the more muscle you can build the faster your metabolism will run, but it will take years of dedicated and consistant training to really build enough muscle to make serious impacts on body composition. I know I have been... (24 replies)
... No, it really isn't. In a 100 gram serving of butter there are 81 grams of fat. Of the 81 grams of fat, 51 grams are SATURATED (63%.) Only 21 grams (26%) are monounsaturated oils. Thus it's far more accurate to view butter as a SATURATED FAT! (12 replies)
... They aren't light weights. They are pneumonic machines. You control how hard you work it. If you want to not do anything, don't try hard...but if you're serious, push and pull as hard as you can. You'll hear the "pffftt" from the machine letting you know how hard you're doing it. And to reply to that other comment, I can't speak for every Curves, but the ones I've been to... (11 replies)
... I could not agree more with this post/advice..Also what do you eat in the course of the day? Please post your diet and yes medication can affect weight loss it did for me with BP meds but I got a handle on it now with a few tweaks on my diet and excercise program..Lisa (10 replies)
... the percentage might be lower then 5%.. that actually does succeed on their diet and maintain their weight loss for the rest of their life. in the long run, its all about being able change ur eating lifestyle for the rest of ur life to maintain that weight loss. is it possible to change ur eating lifestyle for the rest of ur life never being able to eat rice, cookies, cakes,... (41 replies)
... I completely agree about keeping fitness in my life once the weight is gone, both cardio and strength training. I've definitely learned both are so important for good physical and mental health -- I don't ever want to give up my morning walks! I hated them at first, having to get up earlier, but I find my mind is so clear and energized throughout the day. Another plus I... (42 replies)
... Oh noooooo, I believe you darling, I never did say I doubt what you say you do? I understand the frurstration you must be going through, just like my friend did she was at her wits end before she had that ban...and it worked for her 145 may not be a beauty queen but she looks like one, she don't look like she weighs that much 145 ..I guessed about 130 she told me 145 and... (42 replies)
... you can't be so sure of yourself as to how that lap ban surgery will be until you tried it?...its reverseable anyway! it is design to make you feel full all the time and the ban is placed around the stomach at the upper top and pull togather only allowing so much food to be passed on through at a slow rate, therefore calroies won't have much of a factor won't... (42 replies)
... No I do not do 2 sets...I do at least 10 sets (with 8-12reps) a body part. Please read my post again. I'm not sure what gym talk you are speaking of. I don't know why you are trying to explain to me what a set is. My husband and I used to compete in bodybuilding competions at the health and fitness expos in philly so I am well aware of what a set is and what reps are and what... (42 replies)
... No I mean at least 10 sets per body part (8-12 reps). For example chest, 4 sets of flat bench, 3 sets of incline and 3 sets of incline flys. 2 sets of one body part is a waste of time if that is what you are doing but I'm not sure what you mean by 2 sets. Arms, 4 sets of straight bar curls, 3 sets of dumbell curls and 3 sets of easy curl. Shoulders same, back same, triceps... (42 replies)
... Excuse me Jersey,.....please use a little common sense...grrrr I said ''in my opinion you don't have to exercise to lose weight''... and you don't least I don't...but it sure helps metablize (jump start) your body faster and burn the calories if you do exercise'' my reason for saying that,....> if someone is ''to over weight'' to exercise, then just through dieting... (42 replies)
... Excercise is funny it's not about what you do in a week it's more like staying consistent. It's kind of hard to keep muscle only working them 2-3 days a week. How do you get all of your muscle groups in that short time and work them like they need to be? I understand about your time constraints but we all have them. When I was under time issues I got up earlier no one likes is... (42 replies)
... Alright then if what your doing don't seem to be working for you? CHANGE IT! if you have seen your Dr for a check up recently? and all is ok with you health wise.. THEN! I would suggest you to join W.W.( weight watchers turn around program), theres two basic food plans, the core plan seems pretty eazy to follow and stay on, it allows you to focus on a whole list of... (42 replies)
What about fat?
Feb 11, 2006
... Question, If you understand the concepts of fats, eatting the nutrints/exercise and follow your 'great diet plan" that you say you do, then why is it that you say in your post your not loseing weight? do you live by what you post? And your in the medical field above everything eles? I think some times you ''maybe" some nice looking model and you just want the attention... (16 replies)
... Recommends the Diet or just using GI in general? or for diabetics? Dont get me wrong..It is still a great tool. and can help you alot. But it is important to know that there are a lot of other factors that affect GI. i am not saying not to use it. But it is not beneficial to Cut a specific Item Out just because its GI is above a certain number. Example being that you can... (14 replies)

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