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... s not taking any pills. No green tea pills nor spice pills, nothing. ... (466 replies)
... at a bottle says will happen, is probably kidding theirself, but, even if only psychologically, if it works at all it is worth it, you said so yourself. Having a diet "Wish List" is not an altogether bad thing, afterall, what are goals? ... (6 replies)
... hi karolel, i don't think you should have any problems taking the diet pills with your meds. they are purely all natural and do not have the same effect of other diet pills that give you jitters and make you sick. ... (466 replies)

... feel better about their self image and themselves. If you read any other messages you would have realized that lots of people on the message board have tried the pills and have sucessfully lost their excess weight and are keeping it off. ... (6 replies)
... I never said taking laxatives alone was an ED, I said taking them to help you lose weight was a type of ED. And yes, I do know what an eating disorder is because I do have one and I've done a lot of research about them. An ED is basically a distorted opinion of food and/or weight. If she doesn't "necessarily need to lose weight" but is doing it anyways then what would you... (466 replies)
... Well, I started taking the pills again on Monday, and today I'm down three pounds. It seems funny but for the week I wasn't taking the pills, I felt "fatter. ... (466 replies)
... Maggie, I would suggest you stick with what works for you. I did some research on those other pills you mentioned and all i found were negative reviews, and no actual company website or anything. Do some research before spending your money on this pill. ... (6 replies)
... As far as eating the correct foods in the correct combinations, I'm sure he's just fine. But I probably would hold off on giving him her diet pills...anyways, I don't think they helped me at all. ... (2 replies)
... and always get the herbals at GNC later if you want. The book is the most important part of the program IMO. Again, please don't think this program is strictly diet pills. ... (466 replies)
... If your so high on doing it the healthy way you wouldnt be taking diet pills to do it for that matter. ... (466 replies)
... This is my first time posting. I've been interested to read your comments, experiences, etc., re. the Maggie Drozd diet. I read about it in a popular periodical. I am considering trying this plan but I would appreciate feedback from you all first. ... (466 replies)
... It's actually a very popular diet called "food combining". ... (466 replies)
... The first day the green tea pills left me feeling a little jittery but since then my body feels great and they don't affect me at all. ... (466 replies)
... i just read about the maggie drozd method in cosmo today.. ... (466 replies)
... Congrats! You lost 30 lbs. on this Maggie D diet? ... (466 replies)
... Are you taking the pills as well or just following the diet? ... (6 replies)
... The first day the green tea pills left me feeling a little jittery but since then my body feels great and they don't affect me at all. ... (466 replies)
... hey guys, im about 5'6 and about 260 lbs..... ive been looking up the maggie drozd diet and was looking for positive results because im a college student and really cant afford to invest in a scam... ... (466 replies)
... ve lost a total of 15lbs. I am not giving up, I still believe in myself. My overall goal is to loose 50lbs. However, I am not reordering these pills nor any other pills. I did get a little constipated with the pills. I am just going to keep eating right and staying more physically active. ... (466 replies)
... people you're on the "food combining" diet. That's what I've been folowing so far, no pills, just a lot of excercise and water. It has a few more "rules" that maggie drozd's diet, but it has a lot of the same principles and the other rules make sense for me to follow. ... (466 replies)

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