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... I am trying to decide if I should try to buy meds online. It is so confusing. The ask for a monthly fee and my docs name and number. Do they really call the doc? I am pretty sure my doc will say no even though I am 230 lbs. Also I am trying to decide between Meredia and Adipex (phenteramine) Any thoughts or advice? (7 replies)
Apr 27, 2008
... Hey my is soooo..good to hear from you....I have missed you so much! I've looked for you on here so many times! are stuck in a rut right now, obiviously you have kept off the 58 pounds that you lost...YOU GO GIRL!!! That in itself is amazing, because so many people gain back what they least when you get really back on track you won't... (12 replies)
... Hey there...just wanted to touch base if U are who I think U are....How R U doing? Are U still taking the meredia? I have lost 76 pounds by eating every 3 hours and eating healthy. :) ST (4 replies)

... I dont see anything wrong with getting it off of the net....just go to webmd when u get it and look it up and make sure it looks exactly as it says. Also I know alot of people who were arrested for getting meds offline without a prescription because some of those sites are to lure you in so they can get just be careful on what site you get it from and you should be... (7 replies)
... Girlfriend, you can read the replies of lots of pill-takers on here.. just keep searching. As for the online pharmacies calling your doctor: no they don't. How do I know? Because I ordered some online and they didn't call my doctor. (7 replies)
... Your doc is absolutly right. That's why "diets" fail-they are a temp fix and as soon as you lose what you want, you wind up gaining it back evenually because you have not learned anything. In order to be successful, you have to make a lifestyle change...and I will tell you, it's not easy and will not happen overnight. You say that you have made lifestyle changes-what have you... (7 replies)
... Not on Mediacare. I am only 28 and I am not disabled. Yeah, I seen the monthly fee business. I guess that is supposed to be your monthly doctors appt.:p I guess it wouldn't hurt to try. As far as good ole fashion diet and exercise...yes yes yes yes, I have tried!! I thnk I must just have a sloowwww metabolism. That and I have PCOS which can affect weight loss and gain.... (7 replies)
... "monthly fee"...what's THAT all about. elmstlover, Are you on Medicare Part D? Different on-line pharmacies behave very differently and with different adherence to U.S. prescription law. Some are huge and excellent pharmacies that differ only from your super-market pharmacy in volume...others are foreign operations that smell VERY suspect. I think MOST will charge... (7 replies)
... If you buy diet pills online, you are really taking a HUGE risk. You don't know if what you are getting is authentic or not. You're not able to ask questions like you would if you physically went to a pharmacy. I mean, is it really worth risking your life? I understand the desperation you may be feeling. But, let me tell you, on May 28th, I was 225 lbs. It is now June... (7 replies)
... Man, I hope these online pharmacies call doctors! I think it's pretty safe to assume that the average person should not be medicating themselves with prescription meds without their physician's knowledge or approval. Have you actually discussed this with your doctor? Have you tried good ole fashioned diet and exercise? Diet pills have hurt an awful lot of folks for... (7 replies)
... I have not really tried any yet. I want to try Adipex (pheteramine) or Meredia. I can't decide which or where to get them. Do the online pharmacies call your doc for a prescription? I know my doc will say no even though I am 230 lbs!! (7 replies)
Meredia, day 5
Jun 28, 2003
... Hello , I was thinking about taking Meredia. Can I ask you some questions about it? If you dont wanna answer I understand!! :) I have heard it makes you have diarreah real bad, is that true? Do you take more than one pill a day? How much weight have you lost thus far? How much weight are you wanting to lose and does your doctor think you will achieve that with these pills... (2 replies)
Meredia, day 5
Jun 28, 2003
... Today is day 5 for me taking Meridia 10 mg/day. I can honestly say this stuff WORKS! It really supresses my appetite and I seem to get filled up very easily. The only drawback is that my health insurance will not pay for it. But if it continues to work this good on me, I'll find a way to pay for it. My stats are: Male age 42 5'8", 305# (2 replies)
... Enjoy it while and whenever you can because the more you lose and the closer you get to goal the slower it is going to come off. 7 pounds the first week is very normal, in fact, I lost more than that my first week dieting and I was not taking Meredia. The first week of weight loss is usually water weight, but it still counts and congrats on an awesome first week. An... (3 replies)

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