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... Water pills can only enhance the removal of water from the organism, they do not help with overweight and must not be taken in this condition 'cause may change the electrolyte balance and cause a lot of side effects. I would never recommend you water pills for weight loss, it is useless and unsafe (5 replies)
... I heard water pills is better than water because you retain water when you drink water and you lose water when you take water pills, is that true? ... (1 replies)
... only water but was wondering what are the risks involved? ... (2 replies)

... but won't help you lose fat or giving you lasting results. I agree that drinking more water can do the SAME thing! No need for pills for that! Green tea works great for getting rid of excess water weight too. ... (5 replies)
~water pills?~
Nov 10, 2004
... I have heard of people taking water pills to lose weight. I am pretty darn sure that if you do lose weight from taking a water pill, it's just water weight! ... (3 replies)
... Actually, its reversed. Your body holds on to water when you are dehydrated. When dehydrated, your body stimulates ADH which retains sodium in the kidneys. Sodium retain water. ... (1 replies)
... Water pills are absolutely not good to loose weight. You will only loose water weight. Also, with the loss of water you will loose potassium. You need potassium for proper heart function. An imbalance can cause serious heart arrhythmias. ... (5 replies)
... Hi. Still at it, drinking LOTS of water, eating veggies, walking etc etc etc. But just had a question. Does anyone know how well 'water pills' would work to lose the bloat/water weight? Don't really know anything about them. But I think that's what they're for. What should I look for in the pharmacy? ANy one know any names or brands etc etc? Thanks--Scorpiomom :) (0 replies)
Water pills
May 21, 2003
... has anyone tried using water pills to get rid of extra water weight? ... (2 replies)
~water pills?~
Nov 10, 2004
... I knew someone who took water pills to try to lose weight, but if all you lose is water and not fat, that seems like a waste. ... (3 replies)
~water pills?~
Nov 10, 2004
... Water pills will make you lose water. And that's all. ... (3 replies)
... i wanna loose weight and i was told water pills work. what do they do to your body and are they bad for you to take? ... (5 replies)
... Hello. I have a formal function that I have to fit into a dress that is a little uncomfortable this Saturday. Has anyone taken water pills for temporary weight loss - I just want to drop a couple pounds (not long term) to squeeze into this dress a little more comfortably! ANy suggestions?? Thanks, Cindy (2 replies)
~water pills?~
Nov 10, 2004
... Hi, Has anyone here ever heard of taking water pills to help you lose weight? ... (3 replies)
... Plus because of the way his/her post is titled, "Water Pills & Weight Loss." (7 replies)
... I can tell you, however, that water pills are only temporary weight loss. And very little loss at that. ... (7 replies)
... High dose diuretics can show a startling amount of weight loss in somebody who is retaining large amounts of water and the upper limit oof the prescribed amount is only dependent on the amount of water. Remember, water weighs 2. ... (11 replies)
Water pills
May 6, 2003
... Has anyone ever taken "Diurex water capsules" to get rid of their water weight gain? ... (6 replies)
... ok, so me and some friends are not totally convinced about this lady who says her doctore upped her water pills by 5x and due to that she lost 30lbs in less than a month like a 2 to 3 week period. ... (11 replies)
... only lost 5 lbs in the month. I'm even stumping the nutritionist. I think it'll come off most at once but she has agreed with me that she thinks my main issue is water weight. ... (5 replies)

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