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[QUOTE=bopper]I am 7 days into my 25 day cycle. I am having continuous pelvic pain. It hurts to walk, it hurts to sit, it hurts pretty much no matter what. I have other classic symptoms of endo and am currently in the process of the battery of tests to figure out what is going on.
I have low back pain (deep in my pelvis - tailbone area) beginning about day 22 to 23 of my cycle then the pain intensifies to excruciating upon the start of my period. I get joint pain, painful bowel movements on day 1 and extremely tired. Then when the bleeding subsides, the low back pain eases up and is replaced by this extreme pelvic pain!
Can anyone relate or give me ANY insight. It is becoming very difficult to function daily at home and at work.[/QUOTE]

I can relate. I just got back from seeing a gynecologist for frequent painful and heavy periods. I've been dealing with it by giving up any thought of normal life during those times and having them come every two weeks. The pain is something I've lived with for years... there have been times it was so bad that I thought I had appendicitus or something.

I don't have endometriosis. I don't know your age so what I'm preparing to have done might not help you... if you want children, that is. The gynecologist recommends endometrial ablation. What that does is basically cooks the lining in the uterus. Some women stop bleeding altogether after that but most just get to experience lighter periods, less pain, and fewer PMS symptoms. I'm all for any kind of relief at this point.

If this is an option for you, you might want to discuss it with your gynecologist if they find you don't have endometriosis.

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