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I am so happy to hear there are no "weight" side effects. Honestly when my doc told me this was a way to clear my awful periods I didn't ask any questions. . . dumb? maybe but at the time I didn't care.
I went in for the procedure at 7 am and was home by noon (from beg. to start). I have three little ones so I was nervous about not being able to move around. I was also scared about being "put under" as I have never done this. It was great. I did have some cramping right after. My doctor gave me vicodin which I took about 2-3 pills that day (as I don't like pain). I was moving around fine. I felt a bit like I was having a period but no big deal. The next day I was fine (and the next and the next).
I did not have any scar tissue (though I didn't before either). I honestly feel great. The doc told me not to have sex for two weeks which I didn't do. No difference in sex now (after three months). Everything feels great. It feels great knowing I don't have a period nor do I really have any PMS symptoms. My husband and I feel "free" finally. . .especially me.

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