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Hi everyone. I'm a 23 year old female and let me give you a little synopsis of my vagina's ongoing problems the last two years.

First off, I have never in my life had unprotected sex. I have had three total partners. I started having sex when I was 20.

My vagina's mission to commit suicide began in January 2007. I had only been with two guys at this point. One of them was one time in early December 2006 and the next on January 24, 2007. When I had sex January 24, I noticed strange discharge. Over the next few days I had itching, burning, frequent urination and bladder pain. I saw my gyno who did a full work up. I had chlamydia. (AND YES, I'VE ALWAYS USED PROTECTION). I was given zithromax and sent home. I seemed fine for two weeks. Symptoms were back. Went to gyno, had urine culture... negative. A few days later its worse, I get a pelvic exam and swab culture... positive chlamydia. I want to stress that while all this went on I NEVER had sex again...

I had recurrent chlamydia until September of 2007. In the meantime in May 2007 I was hospitalized because my digestive system shut down. Come to find out my chlamydia infection got so bad because zithromax never worked (or only barely touched the infection) that the chlamydia had leached into my digestive system and when a colonoscopy and endoscopy were performed... it was in my stomach and intestines. It was finally in September 2007 I saw a specialist who gave me a month of doxycycline that fixed me. Because of this, I'm a 23 year old with IBS and pelvic inflammatory disease...

October 2007 brought a PAP test which showed I had a slight dysplasia (sp?) and was HPV positive (the wart causing kind). Remember, I still have never had unprotected sex, which is the most mind boggling part about all of this. I also had just had my last Gardasil shot the month before that PAP result. I have since read that I may have actually gotten HPV from the stupid shot. I had a colposcopy (sp?) done which showed I was "level 1" and was told to repeat pap in six months. I was then fine from October 2007-December2007.

In January 2008 I noticed weird symptoms present themselves. I'd like to note that in the mean time I have now made the following life changes: I'm on an IBS diet, I take the probiotic Align daily, I'm switched from Yasmin to Yaz for birth control, and have switched to hypoallergenic fragrance free detergent and I bleach all of my underwear and wear only cotton panties and breathable clothing. Now on to my weird symptoms... I noticed there was a weird light, thin "film" on my inner labia. When I touched it, my SKIN came off! My whole inner labia turned blood red and the skin between my inner and outer labia was dry and looked a lot whiter than usual (I'm a really white girl to begin with). I was in tons of pain. Urinary frequency and bladder pain were also present. I contacted my gyno (yeah, the same one that let me have recurrent chlamydia for 8 months!) and was told it would be two weeks before they could get me an appointment. Desperate, I went to the health department. The doctor looked at my discharge and said all she saw was a little yeast. I was given diflucan. It didn't work. I waited the two weeks for test results and STD screen was negative. Pain became worse and by Valentine's Day I went to a new gyno. She said she didn't see yeast and in fact saw nothing. Swab for culture. Culture negative. I still have symptoms and go back to her office. Am told I have yeast infection by attending nurse. Diflucan.

I called my old gyno at this point in tears. The nurse there called in valtrex, because while I never had been diagnosed with herpes and was negative on herpes select test, she said it couldn't hurt me. Took valtrex and seemed to feel better bladder wise, but other symptoms remained.... was seen by old gyno. Yeast. Terazol. Allergic reaction so bad I nearly thought I'd cut my own baby making parts out. Doxycyline and monistat. Cured.

From May 2008-September 2008 I was fine.

End of September brought the same symptoms of chlamydia from before. I got scared and saw my primary care when gyno couldn't get me in. Swabbed and cultured. Negative all STDs. She said yeast. I said its not. After all, I know a damn yeast infection after all I've been through....
I see my gyno. She does a pelvic ultrasound... reveals cysts on my left ovary and fluid in the left fallopian tube as well as fluid in the cul-de-sac. She tells me she's doing the laproscopy TOMORROW and I can kiss the left side of my reproductive system goodbye.

On October 13 I had the laproscopy and she said when she got in there.... no cysts on ovary and no fluid in the tube. She sucked out the fluid in cul-de-sac and then when she was sucking near my bladder... GIANT cyst was chilling behind there she sucked up and then it popped in the machine. Report also states I had bowel full of poo and my gallbladder was slightly inflamed as well as evidence of pelvic inflammatory disease. The fluid was analyzed by a lab and was found to just be sterile fluid.

Over the next few days I can't take my vicodin es because.... I can't make a poo! My whole system froze. Enema doesn't work... milk of mag doesn't work... mag citrate doesn't work.... guess what does.... Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee. I read about it online when I was desperate to go because if I even swallowed water I'd throw it up....

And then I'm fine again for the whole month of November 2008...
Yearly PAP shows same result as last year, slight dysplasia and positive HPV of the wart variety (never had a wart that I know of). She wants to do another colpo and I say NO. Leave it alone. My vagina is getting it right. Let's leave it be...

December 1st comes and so does my stupid vagina who can't get it right! White clumpy discharge (but barely any) frequent urination and bladder pain. Literally I pee and then I feel like I have to go pee the worst and biggest pee of my life and there's nothing there. My bladder hurts all the time and this has been going on a month now. Going back to December 1st though... I took a vagisil home screening kit and it said I had a 5.0 ph. I called my gyno and nurse called in flagyl 500mg twice a day for 7 days. Then monistat when I got a yeast infection from that. During this time bladder pain and urge to pee subsided but did not go away. I then called back and they brought me in to do a pee dip stick test. Urine was fine and they sent it for culture. Culture was fine and STD screen from that urine culture was clear. (Given I hadn't had sex since September and while post laproscopy in October I had a shot of cephalsporin (sp?) in my arm, two weeks of doxycycline, and another week of Levaquin.) Back to the present... After that culture I'm given a Diflucan and three days of Bactrim. (They decided I had a yeast infection). Diflucan in the first 24 hours seemed to make me feel better but then things got worse again.... I call back and gyno says come in. I get full exam, she looks at discharge under microscope and says yeast infection still. I get another Diflucan and wait 7 days and all symptoms remain. No relief. I call again and gyno is not there, but I see her partner. She says she still sees yeast. (This was on 12/29) and prescribes three Diflucan once a day for three days. I take the first one yesterday at 2:30pm and by night time, symptoms seem worse, especially bladder pain.

I call today and ask if I should still take Diflucan again, and she says yes and calls in a script for macrobid as well and tells me to take both at the same time. I took my next Diflucan but with the whites of my eyes (according to my mom) having turned a little yellow the previous week from Diflucan I'm nervous. I decided to look up macrobid before I took it in the drug interactions checker online. Turns out it says Diflucan and Macrobid when taken together can cause pulmonary arrest and renal failure. WTF??? I've decided not to take the macrobid. I also took another vagisil screening kit test and it does say its a yeast infection.

Oh and by the way on Christmas night I put in a boric acid 400mg vaginal suppository my gyno prescribed that she wants me to do once a week.

I'm so frustrated. I just want to be normal and I don't know what to do. I can't live like this. I'm going crazy and I'm completely depressed. I don't want to consider intersitial cystitis (sp?) until I clear the yeast infection since every time I've had a yeast infection I've had bladder problems in the past. (As you can tell, I've done a lot of reading and am trying to figure this out.)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, so if any of you have a gyno or know of a specialist that your happy with and wouldn't mind sharing his/her name and phone number I'd really appreciate that as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading. I've been through so much in the last two years. I really want 2009 to be a happy female reproductive year!

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