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I had my uterine ablation done little over 3 years ago and it was a miracle for me. I have had no bleeding, no pms,no monthly headaches and bloating. Although i know i am still ovulating I didnt have any symptoms of having a period. I was 42 when i had the procedure done and also had leep procedure done due to atypical cells . Since then all my paps have been normal. My question is that last year i had a couple days of very light spotting. The last 2 months I have had a couple days of very light spotting that i notice only when i go to bathroom, some light cramping. I am wanting to know is it possible that the uterus lining is growing back and that i may have to have this done again.I am confused , I had my hormone levels tested a year ago and that indicated i was going into menopause. Has anyone had an ablation and had there periods stop for extended amount of time then restart after a few years? I didnt have the novusure done it was a ballon type of ablation.
Thanks in advance for any advice,

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