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Irritated vulva
Feb 19, 2012
Firstly, I will say I know I have genital herpes. And I know the symptoms of that, and this is not it.
I've gone through this for almost 2 months now. I'll get really itchy and feel a burning like a yeast infection, but there's no discharge. I even tried twice treating as a yeast infection just in case. But the outer layers of skin on my vulva will peel away and I notice it when I wipe. Yes, I look. The color of whatever's on there reflects normal urine and vaginal discharge, but there's little bits of rolled up skin on there, and if I pee a lot in a day, it'll start to bleed in tiny little spots. I shower daily, and keep the area clean. I wear only cotton panties during the day and nothing to bed. This seems to last about 7-12 days, then it goes back to normal. Then when I finally have sex with my husband again it'll start usually within a week.
Then I'll go between being so dry it hurts, to excessive but normal vaginal discharge.
I haven't changed laundry detergent or soap or shampoo in the shower, I haven't gotten new clothes. I haven't changed my diet (except eating more fruits and veggies) or anything. The only real thing I've changed is exercising more.
I go for my annual in about 6 weeks, but this is bugging me now. Every time I consider calling my gynecologist it goes away. Any ideas?

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