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It is always heartening to hear of someone overcoming an unfortunate situation. I'm 23, i was diagnosed with scoliosis at 16, braced, and convinced it would not impact my life until i was much older. At 18 my balance was so thrown off that dancing (a HUGE passion of mine) became nearly impossible. About a year later i decided it was time to take what the soctor said avout being strong more seriously and began to invest more time at the gym. Fast forward to 2015. I was training for my first body building competition (bikink athlete) and i believed to have torn something in my shoulder. I was used to the back ache but this was new. An MRI showed degenerative disc disease and a back riddled with arthritis. I choose to stay strong and healthy. I am on a very natural diet, i exercise and do PT often, and i remember to be proud of myself for accepting the life I have and finding the joy within the pain. Despite having these health issues; a neck with a curve of 4 (should be 30), a curve at the top of my back of 18 with a 10 rotation, a curve in my lower back of 32 and a tilted pelvis. Along with my arthritis and degenertative disc disease, despite full body pain after ever workout and a lot of pain in general... I placed 3rd at my first show. I am in yraining for my second. It has been another rough ride, the tilt in my pelvis is causing a lot of hip problems and my ribs keep slipping out... But im still dping what i enjoy and staying positive. Depression makes pain worse, and chronic pain causes depression... Its hard to stay out kf that cycle and at times its just not possible BUT the single most important thing is to stay positive!

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