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Hello everyone

I've been wondering about my knees and fingers for a while but they never give me pain. Recently though my neck has, round about C5 or 6/7 I have a lot of swelling and have had since February. The pain comes then goes as does the swelling. I also get lower back pain. My idiot doctor looked and said "that's just your spine" my reply was that it was never there before and it hurts. You can see it better from the side but I look like an old lady. I'm only 38.

My knees are very swollen but have been for years I can hardly make out where my knee cap is anymore and one leg looks a little bandy, the doc said it was housemaids knee about 7 years ago at least but it's never really hurt that much it does now and again but not often. The swelling has got a lot worse, it's my whole knee even at the inside, I'm slightly overweight by about a stone it's no big deal but my knees are out of porportion to the rest of me. I also noticed about 3 or 4 inches above my right knee there appears to be a hardish small swelling that isn't on my left leg. I can push the swelling down towards the knee a little and the fluid at my knee distorts if that makes sense. It's my legs that hurt, towards the outside of the calf.

My Index fingers don't hurt but in the middle knuckles I have little lumps on the joint and also another finger, not at the side but on top. The weirdest thing about these fingers are if I line up both knuckles in a straight line my fingers look twisted from the knuckle up, to have the tops of my fingers look straight I have to line my kuckles up in a twisted fashion. I also have a little tiny red patch just below my lowest kuckle, on the skin under the skin I can't tell but it's been there for ages and has never cleared up, I don't know what it is.

I hope this is making sense to somebody because it's hard to describe without pictures. It's only through looking for things to do with deformed fingers that I've raised the possiblity of arthritis of some sort.

Incidentally I also get terrible itching only on my legs, nothing works and after several years I've tried just about everything. In the past week I've been very hot and sweaty even though I live in a cool climate but my forehead is always cold and clammy. It's horrendous.

If anyone here has any ideas or suggestions or have anything similar I would be very, very grateful for your help. I need to see my main doctor but I need facts because they are so useless I would need to suggest what it may be to them rather than the other way round.

Many, many thanks in advance to all. :wave:

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