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K - an irritable bowel is definitely a symptom, very common, of fibromyalgia. However, it is also very common when people change or get new meds, also under stress and when people experience extreme anxiety. Is it possible to go for a relaxational massage to calm down the stress on your body? I know that when I'm not calm, I don't eat properly, and that just makes it worse too. Or maybe even a nice soak in the tub tonight to try to get a good nights sleep before your appointments tomorrow?
K - is there another way that you can describe the pain and popping that you are talking about? Saying that your bones are popping does sound a little odd. Bones pop when they break, but that's not necessarily in the joint. Is it mostly in the joints that this happens? Or is it say in the middle of your shin bone? I was just thinking that you trying to describe it a different way might help the docs figure out what's happening. And they like to hear patients describe the pain specifically. Like is it burning pain, throbbing pain, shooting pain, dull ache, itchy pain, electric-like pain. They also need to know what you are doing when this happens - specifically. Like were you bending down, lifting something, end of day, or all day, only when you are tired? Also, when does it [U]not[/U] happen? All these things help you communicate to the docs what's happening to you more clearly.
That's all I can think of that might help with your future appointments. Just know that we are all pulling for you here.
Wishing you peace and comfort, :angel:

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